The Council on Aging of Ottawa: Capital Aging Special Report 2018

The Boomer Market and the impact of the increasing spending power of a rapidly aging population on business was the hot topic at the West Ottawa Board of Trade’s recent “Business over Breakfast” meeting.  “Seniors in Ottawa are the fastest growing age group with significant power that can no longer be ignored”, said Doug Norris, one of Canada’s leading experts on the Census and author of the report “Tapping into Ottawa’s older consumer market: worth 12. 6B and growing”.  The report was commissioned by the Council on Aging of Ottawa. Caroline Midgley, member of the Council on Aging’s [...]

HelpAge Canada’s “Seen Your Citizen?” Day to Help Reduce Seniors’ Social Isolation

Oct 1 was "Seen Your Citizen" Day - HelpAge Canada's multicultural, multi-faith and intergenerational day of sharing to help reduce isolation among seniors. The following are remarks given by Seniors on Site's very own Director of Marketing, Caroline Midgley, as a panel member at the event.   Causes of Isolation As we age, our health and social world changes. For some of us, our health may be deteriorating, we may no longer be able to drive, many of our friends have passed away, our families live at a distance and we no longer have the strong social and family support network of our [...]

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Stay Active at Dovercourt Gold Club!

>>Click here for Upcoming Schedules<< Seniors who feel a sense of purpose or engage in hobbies of genuine interest are less likely to succumb to the negative effects of social isolation. Engaging in the community through recreational activities allows seniors to lead a healthy and active lifestyle and also to maintain a healthy social life which can be highly beneficial for mental health and well-being. Dovercourt Recreation Centre has some ideal fitness options for seniors aged 55 and over. Strength and Fitness Classes: Women on Weights - Strength training with weights, along with a variety of activities and experience, is proven to [...]

Living the ‘Moment’ in Memory Care

As we age, we naturally start worrying more and more about our memory. Lapses in memory at a younger age are not given much thought but now seem to have new meaning. Research indicates that proper nutrition, medication, physical activity, cognitive exercise, and routine health monitoring can dramatically influence daily abilities, quality of life and health. Some important things to consider when it comes to prevention are: Specialized diets enriched with omega 3 and vitamins Hydration Cognitive exercise regimens Physical strength training and exercise Music, aroma and massage therapy Physical, speech and occupational therapy Fall prevention training Families are encouraged to be a part of the wellness [...]

Dealing with Loneliness

Everyone needs some time alone, but being alone against your will can be very painful.  You risk loosing your sense of purpose and self-worth, and becoming depressed.  As family members and friends die, and children become more involved in their own lives, it is important for you to find ways to cope with loneliness.  You may want to consider some of the following suggestions: Stay active, and look for new social contacts.  Most communities have a number of programs which can help replace the support that used to be provided by family and life-long friends.  These programs provide older people with the [...]

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Dealing with Physical Changes

As we age, we face many changes and many sources of stress – we are not as strong as we used to be, illness is more of a problem, children move away from home, people we love die, we may become lonely, and eventually we must give up our jobs and retire.  Coping with all of these changes is difficult, but it can be done.  The keys to coping include your long-term lifestyle, your ability to expect and plan for change, the strength of your relationships with surviving family and friends, and your willingness to stay interested in and involved [...]

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