Payment Resources for Senior Home Care Services

Seniors on Site offers all the senior care services in Ottawa you require at competitive, affordable rates.

When senior home care services are being considered for you or a loved one, some commonly asked questions are:

  • How much will it all cost?
  • Do I have to pay for everything out of my own pocket or can expenses be covered through other sources of funding?
  • Can the services I require be covered by some sort of insurance?
  • Do I have any special benefits that entitle me to receive compensation for home care services?
  • Under what circumstances can I receive a tax exemption or discount?

Seniors on Site can help you understand and access alternative ways to pay for home care – whether it’s personal care, companion care, home support, transportation, or any other services that we offer.

You may be eligible for home care service funding through your personal or group insurance coverage or if you are a member of or receiving services from certain associations. For example, if you are receiving provision of care from CCAC, you are entitled to save HST on our services. You may also be eligible for Income Tax Relief or to receive special benefits through Veterans Affairs.

It’s always a good idea to explore potential alternative sources of funding for home care because it can lead to an increase in needed care and you could end up saving more than you think.