The Council on Aging of Ottawa: Capital Aging Special Report 2018

The Boomer Market and the impact of the increasing spending power of a rapidly aging population on business was the hot topic at the West Ottawa Board of Trade’s recent “Business over Breakfast” meeting.  “Seniors in Ottawa are the fastest growing age group with significant power that can no longer be ignored”, said Doug Norris, one of Canada’s leading experts on the Census and author of the report “Tapping into Ottawa’s older consumer market: worth 12. 6B and growing”.  The report was commissioned by the Council on Aging of Ottawa. Caroline Midgley, member of the Council on Aging’s [...]

Tax Time – Important Medical Expenses to Consider, Particularly for Seniors

As an aging nation, it beneficial to be familiar with the medical expense tax credit. Many people do not even bother to add up and claim their medical expenses because they do not believe the effort will pay off. This may not be surprising considering it's probably one of the more difficult tax credits to calculate since the rules are complicated in terms of what is eligible and what is not (Carrick, 2015). For these reasons, many people miss out on the medical expenses tax break. They also may not be aware of the vast array of medical expenses that [...]

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New Ontario Electricity Support Program – You May Be Eligible

You or someone you know may be eligible for the Ontario Electricity Support program. This program helps reduce electricity bills for low-income households with a monthly on-bill credit. The amount of the credit will depend on how many people live in your home and your combined household income. Find out if you are eligible and how to apply. Call 1-855-831-8151 toll-free within Ontario. Find out more at

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Security Tips for Seniors

--Vancouver Policy Department, Crime Prevention Many seniors list “fear of crime” as one of their biggest concerns. Statistics show, however, that for most crimes, seniors are the least victimized group. Also, much of the crime that is directed at seniors occurs while they are out of the home, such as break and entering. However, when the crimes do occur, the consequences are often more severe for those at an advanced age. Many seniors live on a fixed income, so the loss of money or property is difficult to replace. Also as people get older their bodies take longer to recover [...]

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Reduced Rates for Seniors

SENIOR DISCOUNTS/FREE SERVICES Disclaimer: Recommendations and discounts mentioned on this page are accurate to the best of our knowledge and should be used as a guide only. The actual discount and/or policy will be as published or advertised by the store, proprietor, agency or service at the time of purchase and may be subject to change. The opportunities mentioned on this page are not to be construed as having been recommended by Seniors on Site (Ottawa) Inc. New Ontario Electricity Support Program – You may be eligible You or someone you know may be eligible for The Ontario Electricity Support [...]

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