Frequently Asked Questions about our Senior Home Care Services

How do you select Seniors on Site caregivers?

Our caregivers are carefully screened for our clients’ peace of mind. Each of our caregivers must undergo a rigorous screening process which includes a Police Record Check for the Vulnerable Sector, confirmation of a valid driver’s license, possession of liability insurance, and personal and professional reference checks.

Our caregivers are aged 50 years and over and are carefully selected for their experience, reliability, and most importantly, for their genuine willingness and desire to help families and seniors in their communities.

We take pride in our team and continuously strive to improve the quality of our services. We do so by offering seminars and workshops to our caregivers in areas that will improve the services they provide to our clients.

How is my Seniors on Site caregiver selected for my needs?

Our caregivers have varying backgrounds and include personal support workers, teachers, nurses, business people, child care providers and many other professions. We draw on the right combination of skills and background to meet your service needs.

Will I be able to choose my Seniors on Site caregiver? Will I meet them before services start?

During the initial conversation and in-home visit, we will take note of your request for services and select the best Seniors on Site caregiver to meet your needs. We can arrange for an introduction between you and the Seniors on Site caregiver.

Any correspondence or in-home visits prior to the commencement of services is free of charge.

What if I am not happy with my Seniors on Site caregiver once they are hired?

We commit to follow-up with our clients within two weeks to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the senior home services you are receiving. If you are not, we will arrange to have someone who can provide the services to your satisfaction. Sometimes it can simply be that there is a difference of personalities involved.

In addition to providing the services to your complete satisfaction, we aim to create a relationship where both the client and the caregiver enjoy working together. As a result, we find that many rewarding relationships are created.

Our caregivers have a wealth of experience in various fields and have a desire to use this experience in a positive way in their community. Whether it is helping families with child care needs or providing a helping hand to seniors, our caregivers have a desire to make a difference in their communities.

Will I have the same Seniors on Site caregiver all the time?

After making a suitable match with a caregiver based on your needs, we strive to provide you with that same caregiver on an ongoing basis to enable a trusting relationship to grow. If more than one type of service is requested, we may need to assign you two or more Seniors on Site caregivers in order to meet your service requirements. For instance, one caregiver may be assigned to provide home support to a client while another caregiver may fill the gardening needs outdoors.

What if my Seniors on Site caregiver is sick or on vacation?

If at any given time your assigned Seniors on Site caregiver is not available, we will do our best to provide you with a suitable replacement caregiver to ensure that your service is not interrupted. We will contact you in advance to notify you of your caregiver’s upcoming absence, provide you with information regarding your replacement caregiver, and advise the interim caregiver of your plan of care ahead of time.