Seniors on Site was created just over two years ago in answer to the growing demand for non-medical at-home care for seniors living in their own homes, or retirement residences and for young families in need of childcare and home-care. Since then things have been blooming like life in early spring and now more families than ever are discovering the benefits and healthy lifestyles that Seniors on Site brings. But, unlike any other agency offering home support services, all of SOS’s care is provided by young seniors. They bring worlds of life experience and caring into every home or residence they are welcomed into.

Caroline Midgley, marketing director for Ottawa-based Seniors on Site, took some time out from her busy schedule to explain all that SOS has to offer. “While many seniors are quite capable of living in their own homes without medical assistance, a great majority are concerned about how they will manage to keep their houses, condos, apartments and/or gardens enjoyable and in good repair. This is just one area where SOS can come to the rescue, performing spring clean-ups, gardening, handy work and yard work in preparation for the warm weather ahead”. Other services include running errands, shopping, driving to appointments, light housekeeping, companion-care, and childcare.

Caroline relates that working with an SOS agent who is over 50, who can relate to shared life experiences – brings a comfortable level of caring and many clients develop bonds of friendship with their service providers. This can be a tremendous help in times of transition that many seniors would otherwise struggle through on their own. “Our flexible and wide- ranging services may just be the answer to give the family peace of mind knowing that mom and dad can maintain their feeling of independence with our help”. On the other end of the age spectrum SOS has been a blessing to many families in need of child and home care services as well. Today’s non-stop work, school and organized sporting events schedules have more than a few families struggling to get everything done before the day runs out. SOS offers tailor-made solutions with before and after school-care, meal preparation, homework support, evening and weekend care, errand completions, and new mother assistance just to name a few features.

All SOS agents are insured and undergo a strict screening process that includes police background checks. These knowledgeable and experienced caregivers are matched to their clients’ specific needs. So when the door bell rings a Senior will be on Site ready to go to bring temporary or ongoing relief providing families with time to regroup and focus on enjoying rowing closer.

Learning more about rates and services is as easy as picking up the phone and calling 613- 422-7676 or logging onto Seniors on Site also offers affordable introductory packages of services. Give them a call to set up your free personal consultation session to discuss your requirements and they’ll get busy finding the perfect agent for your needs. Gift cards for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays and Christmas are also an excellent way to introduce SOS services.